Hilltop Manor – Hot Springs Wedding Photo On A Cold Winter Day

Hot Springs, Arkansas – Winter Wonderland?

The weather in Hot Springs today is the type to shut down the town which very rarely happens. With rain turning to sleet the roads are slippery and drivers must be cautious. Thank goodness all of our guests were able to arrive safe and sound to Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast.
I would like to congratulate our Hot Springs wedding couple Mr. & Mrs. Adkins. Not only did they brave the roads but they also braved the cold weather to get some shots by the waterfall while icicles made it all sparkle.
I noticed most of the guests took a chance to wander the winter wonderland that is very rarely seen in Hot Springs, AR. I to had to get a few shots.
A glimpse of Hot Spring’s history with a photo of the spring house and the 150 year old rock walls which hold so many secrets to the past at Hilltop Manor.
A few chairs just wait for a present day couple to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Perhaps we were all willing to hazard the chilling wind because we knew that once back inside we’d wander to one of the fireplaces for the peaceful glow you feel as you warm up from the cold.

There is plenty to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas even during the winter. Oaklawn Park has live horse racing Thursday thru Sunday until April. Garvan Woodland Gardens will reopen in February with Daffodil Days shortly to follow. What better way to spend an afternoon then the Hot Springs Mineral water at the Quapaw Bathhouse.
Come and visit Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs, Arkansas for your honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic getaway. I hope to see you soon.
Faith Kraemer
Owner of Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast
Hot Springs, AR
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