Ten Reasons to Plan a Small Hot Springs Wedding

Weddings have trended over the years from the private elopement with a Justice of the Peace to the elaborate productions that rival Hollywood’s endless imagination (and budget).

Today we are seeing more brides holding their guest lists and ceremonies to a smaller scale … with no less attention to detail.

One of our favorite wedding blogs, Intimate Weddings, shared these top ten reasons for having a smaller wedding:

1. surround yourself with the people you love
2. be more relaxed so you can enjoy the day
3. watching your budget is easier with a smaller ceremony
4. and frees up more money for some of those special touches you’ve always dreamed of
5. the number of venue choices will immediately expand
6. easier to customize the ceremony to your tastes
7. you can spend more time with your guests
8. guests will feel at home
9. guests can be more involved
10. your wedding will be more memorable – for everyone!

Plan your Hot Springs Wedding today at Hilltop Manor. Be it a large wedding, a small gathering of your closest friends & family or our special elopement wedding package for just the two of you, we are here to help you plan out that special date you have chosen to become one.

There are plenty of dates available to have the wedding of your dreams at this Hot Springs Arkansas Bed and Breakfast.

Give us a call today at 1-501-625-7829 so we can help get you started right away.

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